Acclaimed to be Apple Fanatic, but is also a Windows guy!

He was allowed into this group anyway.

The first 8-bit computers I touched were the Atari 800, Commodore PET and the TRS-80 Model III. The Atari was clearly the gaming winner, with PacMan, Asteroids, and Qix. My friend though was the Commodore, as it had the big Dual Disk Unit.

In college I feel in love with the Apple II and even built a whole lab of them networked together. I would go around cleaning disk drive heads, checking that things worked, but I also learned what people user. One of my first discoveries was these Z80 (Softcards) in Apples that allowed you to run CP/M. And I got hooked on Wordstar! On an Apple.

My life at the college expanded... this will be the subject of multiple posting in our blogs, but over that time, I was involved with Novell Networks, AT&T Unix (Serious versions), Corvus Networks, IBM 3270 Mainframes and Rolm phone systems.

My later life included stints at Data Access Corporation (makers of DataFlex), CompuServe (YES! that CompuServe) and BBN (the company that *REALLY* invented the internet).

For more about me read my 8-bit journey.