Hello World

Ah, nothing is more warming and comfortable to us retro and vintage folks as those words "Hello World". It is our collective first experience with many computers. 10 PRINT "Hello World". In that same vain we welcome you here to our site and blog with as much of that same excitement when we all authored that same first program statement.

This site, our blog and our video channel is all about exploring those early days of computing; what some might call the 8-bit world, but encompassing the passion we all had in the 80s with computers, gaming systems and other electronics. Your hosts were both rampant enthusiasts of computers in the 80s and are enjoying their resurgence today, even in our own homes.

Admittedly, one of us is a born-again Commodorian, without reservation, while the other is a die hard Apple fanatic who thinks they can do no wrong. We both understand how the legacy of all these systems still lives with us today. We also enjoy and will explore the world other platforms including those from Radio Shack (TRS-80), Atari, Osbourne and many more. We hope you will join us on our journey to explore these systems, new doodads that can make them better and ways to get the most enjoyment out of our beloved retro or vintage gear.

Greg and Patrick

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